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May 19, 2009

Dear DPW Employee:

As explained in the letter you received from the Governor, all commonwealth employees will continue to work even if a budget is not enacted by June 30, 2009. However, employees paid from any funds that are part of the executive budget process will be paid only after a budget is enacted.

Your position is compensated through funds appropriated by the General Assembly, during the Executive Budget Process. You are to continue to work during an impasse but you will not be paid for hours worked in fiscal year 09-10 until a budget is enacted.

The earliest possible pay date to be affected by an impasse would be July 17, 2009. Employees whose normal pay falls on July 17 would be compensated for seven days pay for the hours worked in fiscal year 08-09. The three days worked in fiscal year 09-10 will be paid when a budget is enacted. Similarly, employees paid on July 24, 2009 would receive payment for the two days worked in fiscal year 08-09 and the other eight days worked in fiscal year 09-10 would be paid when a budget is enacted. The July 31, 2009 pay and each following pay would be held in their entirety until a budget is enacted.

Your health care benefits will continue during an impasse. If you are required to contribute for health care, you must pay any retroactive employee contributions and buy-ups after a budget is enacted.

The commonwealth has contacted the PSECU and other state based financial institutions to make them aware of a potential budget impasse and requested their flexibility and cooperation with our employees. We encourage you to have early personal discussions with your bank and credit union so that they may present you and your family with various ideas and options to assist you during any potential delay in income.

For additional information, please visit the following link ( to review frequently asked questions, including detailed information on payroll deductions. Please contact your local Human Resource Office or email should you have any questions.


Jay Bausch, Director
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